“All Lives Matter” is making you look dumb.

OK, so dumb is a loaded word, but you probably wouldn’t be here if I said silly. Hey, I’ve been there, back when the Ferguson Unrest was in full swing, I drank the cool aid and posted an “all lives matter” meme. I felt I was being all inclusive and progressive, but really I was just proving how uneducated I was about the situation. So when someone reached out and taught me how wrong I was, I listened.

See what I had no idea was my furthering the saying of “all lives matter“ was a retraction from the true problem. My life wasn’t being threatened, I’m white. I recognize as a Caucasian I have a certain freedom in this country that others don’t. I have slightly less due to my non-religious standing, but it can never compare to generations of racism dealt in death and ignorance.

What you have to understand is Black Lives matter isn’t about Black Lives over ever life, it’s not saying their lives are better than yours. It’s about how their lives have been drown out, their voices silenced, and their basic human rights stripped. The Black community haven’t had the same lives we have had, weve never had to deal with oppression or immediate judgement. It’s easy for Bubba with his AR-15 to be proud and display his penile enhancement to the world. But put that gun in a black mans hands and he is labeled a gang member, a thug, or a stronger word that I have no business saying or writing.

I don’t speak for an entire oppressed race, I cant and I shouldn’t try, but Black lives matter is about Black Lives too. It’s about paying attention to the systematic racism that we have all ignored for far too long. The people who protest and speak out as I write this blog are true hero’s, and we owe them all an apology for ignoring their treatment and deep painful scars. We owe them an apology for warping a movement into a battle over memes and labels. We owe them an apology for drowning their voices out with blue lives matter and all lives matter. We owe them more than an apology, we owe them generations of black families who have lost loved ones to hate. We owe them the right to walk home at night with skittles and a hoodie and not get shot. We owe them the freedom to not be worried every time they see red and blue lights, and wonder if this is their time to ask for Momma as they lose breath.


The truth of the matter is you have a choice, you either stand on the right side of history, or be lost on the wrong side as just another example of hate. No one is saying all lives don’t matter, just we need to focus on ending the hate cycle that makes their lives not matter. Because when Black Lives matter too, than all lives will truly matter. Until than, keep your privileges in check and educate yourself. Because violence and hate can be built into words if your not paying attention.

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